How to stretch a flexfit hat

Sometimes you order a hat checking everything but when it arrives and you try it then you feel like you would feel more comfortable of the hat stretched a little more. Not Many people know that it is actually possible to shrink and stretch a flexfit hat. In this blog we will tell you all about How to stretch a flexfit hat, How to stretch a cap, How to stretch a new era hat, how to stretch a new era hat. Fitted hat stretcher, how to stretch a hat with steam, how to stretch a polyester hat, one size fits all hat too small and the last How to starch a baseball hat.

Equipment you will be needing for this process to stretch a hat:

  1. Stove
  2. Pot
  3. Water
  4. A bowl which will be a little bigger than the hat.
  5. A cold drier.
  6. A hat.

Easy steps that you need to take to stretch your hat:

1st step put the pot on the stove then turn it on in a medium temperature.

2nd step is to fill the pot half with water then put it on the stove.

3rd step wait until the water starts steaming. (Heat the water in a temperature that you can see small bubbles but don’t boil it so much that the bubbles starts rolling).

4th step Check the Bowl if it matches the size of your head or just a little bit bigger then the hat.

6th step put the hat into the hot water for 2/3 minutes.

7th after 3 minutes take the hat out and fit it into the bowl all the way to the bottom.

8th Plug the cold drier and start cooling the hat until its fully dry.

How starching a hat works:

By heating the fibers of the fabric, they start stretching. Right after fitting it into the bowl the fabric will stretch just amount size of that bowl. By cold drying the hat the fabrics will not going to shrink as soon as you remove it from the bowl. if you still have any question let us know in the comment section

Note: If you are younger then 14 then ask help from an adult. Please don’t hurt yourself.

There is a video that might be able to help you out.

Frequently asked questions:

Qus: How do you resize a flexfit hat?

Ans: First boil some water then dip it into the hot water for 2 minutes. Right after that put it into the drier for 15 minutes. It will resize your flexfit hat.

Qus: How tight should a Flexfit hat be?

Ans: The hat should be tight enough that when you move it doesn’t fall of and at the same time loose enough that you feel comfortable wearing it

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