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8 Best hat for Hawaii

Choosing a hat for vacation was never been easy specially when there are so much to choose from. Before choosing a hat, we must take in the consideration of the environment and the activity.  For Like people usually go to Hawaii for vacation. So, they will do the fun activities like going to beach, hiking etc. So for those activities only we have chosen 8 best hat for Hawaii that you can wear to look more attractive and can have more fun.

This blog is for those who are looking for Hawaii hats snapback, Hawaii hat new era, Hawaiian hat men’s, Hawaii hat company, Hawaii sun hat, Hawaii beach hat, Hawaiian straw hat mens, Beach straw hat, Papale Hawaiian hat, Lifeguard straw hat, Crownless straw hat. We have collected hats that are best of the best for Hawaii.

8 Best hats for Hawaii:

1.Sunday Afternoons Havana hat Best hat for Hawaii.

2.Sunday Afternoons Women’s Beach Hat Hawaii hat new era.

3.Quiksilver Men’s Bushmaster Sun Protection Hat Hawaiian hat man.

4.Billabang men’s classic printed life straw hat Hawaiian straw hat mens.

5.Beach Bucket hat Hawaiian Bucket hat.

6.Trucker hat for Hawaii man and women.

7.Snap Back hat.

8.Papale Hawaiian hat for man and women.

On top of our list on best hat for Hawaii is Sunday Afternoon Havana Hat:

This refined packable traveling hat is one of the Best Sun hats for vacation. It has the Breathable fabric with internal sweatband wide fedora style brim which helps you to keep refined sense of relaxation. 

This Havana hat is 90% paper and only 10% polyester. 2 1/4” Brim with a ribbon head which is just perfect for vacation vibe. This is one of most highly recommended Hat by any hat specialist.

If you have big hat with thick hair hair then this hat is just for you it fits big size head flawlessly this is not something we have found in the comment by some consumes you can see those all positive and negative comment if you click the button down below.

Best Hat for Hawaii
Havana hat for hawaii
  • Fashionable
  • Cheap
  • Protects from sun.
  • Not for rain
  • Can’t clean
  • Can’t wash or Iron.
  • You might have to steam it because it’d not crushable

Sunday Afternoons Women's Beach Hat is 2nd on our Best hat for Hawaii list.

Well! There is nothing much I can say about the the look of this hat just the picture is enough for description. 

It is 100% polyester hat with 4 1/2” brim turned this hat into the most fashionable hat in the world. UPF 50+ certified breathable hat with sun protection and also has a matching ribbon head which is always adjustable for head sizes.

This hat is just perfect to wear in the beach many of it’s consumers rated it 5 stars and one of them commented that the brim is wide enough to shade her face and same time not too wide which would look ridiculous. You better check out those comments before ordering it because there are some negative comment. Every product have some negative comment because people buy it before reading the whole thing if you want want to know more about it then there is a button below the pictures which will take you to those.  

Best women hat for Hawaii
Best women hat for Hawaii
  • Adjustable
  • Sun Protection
  • On trend
  • Breathable fabric
  • Washable with hand
  • Has color variants
  • 100% polyester
  • Very wide brim
  • For women only

On 3rd we have got on our Best hat for Hawaii list is Quiksilver Men's Bushmaster Sun Protection Floppy Visor Bucket Hat

Hat ideas falls on One of the Hawaii out ideas. If you are planning to have a vacation on Hawaii than you better know about its weather or you must have gathered some knowledge about it already. This hat is will give you sun protection. If you are thinking of protecting your face from sun better wear a hat and this hat will do the job perfectly. 29 thousand plus people brought is hat and gladly reviewed 4.5 stars just like that.

This Bucket hat is 100% cotton and the cotton twill fabric is with adjustable strap in matching fabric. The quicksilver embroidery on front will give you the look of a person who is in Hawaii for some chill. This hat is full of positive reviews let’s hear some out.

One of them is a dad who gifted this hat to his daughter in her 16th birthday and it fitted her just fine and wore this hat the whole trip. One of them wrote it held up well on beach and as well as on boat.

Best summer hat for Hawaii
Best summer hat for Hawaii
  • Beautiful looking
  • Has many colors variant
  • Easy to wear
  • Protects from Sun and rain
  • Best for out door activities .
  • provides great shade
  • Comfortable
  • One size doesn’t fit all
  • It might be hard to take on the shape of your head because it is made of hard materials

Billabang men’s classic printed life straw hat is on 4th in our Best hat for Hswaii list.

if you are looking for a hat to wear in the Hawaii beach then this is the one you are looking for. This beautiful hat will certainly help to make quality memories in the beach and literally protect your face from sun burn. It is very easy to wear and looks totally cool. 

This hat is been made with 100% Raffia straw fiber and looks totally different then other hats. You can wash it but only using your hand. You can literally do surfing by wearing this hat. The Draw cord of this hat has a adjustable toggle. 

Consumers wrote “well worth it” and also wrote that it gave him perfect sun protection and also it was durable. another person wrote that she is a child size person and ordered the small sized one and it a little bigger then her head so she used her hair to fit it and she use it for her gardening  work. one time many brunch landed in her and she though that the brim would break but it didn’t which means the brim is quite strong.

Best Straw hat for Hawaii
Best Straw hat for Hawaii
  • Gives a different out look
  • Washable (With hand only)
  • Easy to wear
  • Not bendable
  • No color variants

Bucket Sun hat is on fifth on our Best hat for Hawaii.

You might have seen this hat worn by people in the beach. This hat has become an obvious choice for anybody who wants to go on beach for vacation. This Short brim hat gives you a look of trendiness.

This hat is been made cotton only. So you can say it’s 100% cotton. It is very easy to wear like pull on closure. Flat crown construction gives you very comfortable headwear. There are various colors and choices are available on this hat. Very easy to pack and roll able even in a pocket. This hat is been made for vacation, outdoor activities And this hat is also one of the great choices for Hawaii.

There are soo much positive comments in about this hat that I can not write. But I will mention some of those. Most of them are the obvious ones like how cute hat it is and all. But the the most important one’s are it has a universal size which fits most of the people and it very lightweight and easy to pick with a nice price.

Best sun Hat for Hawaii
Best sun Hat for Hawaii
  • Light weight
  • Very easy to wear
  • Simple
  • Protects from sun
  • Short brim.

Best Trucker Hat for Hawaii

Trucker hats are Hawaiian men hats new era. Trucker hats also known as snapback hats. trucker hats are great for sun protection and also keeps the air flaw. Trucker hat has a snapback which makes it adjustable. Trucker hats have become one the most trendy  hats so there is nothing to worry if it would be socially acceptable or not. People just love this hat.

In a hot day when you can’t find a little shade to hide your head then you get to know how important a piece of shade is. The only exception happens when you wear a hat and specially if you are in a open place such as stadium or even in a field plating seed. Then this hat will not only protect your head and face from sunlight but also will keep your head cool by keeping the air flow through the mash back.

Trucker hat Hawaii man and women
Best trucker hat for Hawaii
  • Light weight.
  • Pull on closure.
  • Fashion able.
  • Protects from sun ray.
  • No cons found.

Papale Hawaiian hat

One of the most unique hat in the world is Hawaiian Papale hat not only by its name but also by its look. This hat is also known as crownless straw hat. This is actually a women’s hat. So, if you are visiting to Hawaii and thinking of taking your wife to there on a Honeymoon or for vacation then this hat would be the best gift than she can think of. This is a Hawaiian sun hat or Hawaiian beach hat. 

Women just love this kind of unique stuffs. Hawaiian papale hats are not made of straw so there is no chance of it to break. The brim of Hawaiian papale hat protects the face from sunlight.This hat has hook and loom closure. Papale hats are easy to use and also easy to carry. This hat is a perfect choice to go with when you are thinking of spending some time in the beach. Paple hat cames with a convenient velcro closure strip which ensures that you get the perfect and comfortable fit.  There are variety of color available of this hat so there are a lot of option to go with we suggest you to take a look by clicking the button below the images.

Papale hat for man and women
  • Light weight
  • Very easy to wear
  • Simple
  • Protects from sun
  • No cons found.


Snapback hats are one of the famous hats in these days for vacation/ for sports or to protect your face from sun in any outdoor activities snapback hats are the best choice to go with.  This 100% cotton hat will keep your head cool even in a sunniest day. 
let’s talk about consumers response about this hat. More than 800 people rated it with 4.5 stars and wrote so many positive comments about this hat. check those out by click the button below.

Hawaiian snapback hat
snapback hat
  • Light weight
  • Snapback Closure.
  • 100%cotton.
  • Protects your face from sun
  • No cons found.


From this post you can get that if you are a Man looking for the best hat for Hawaii then you should choose Sunday Afternoon Havana hat. If you are a woman looking the best hat for Hawaii then it would be Sunday afternoon Woman’s beach hat. They both are our top 1st and 2nd choice so I hope you wouldn’t be disappointed. If you want to know about hat of Hawaii more then we have found just the blog for you on hats on hawaii.

People often ask/ Frequently asked questions:

 Q: What kind of hats do people wear in Hawaii?

-People love to wear sun hats in Hawaii. this hat is been used for protection for sun ray and keeps your face safe from sun burn.

 Q: What do locals wear in Hawaii?

-Hawaiian loves to wear cloths which are comfortable to them. they wear short pant with a t-shirt, a flipflop sandal and a sun hat if you wear a sun hat on Hawaii you will just blend in perfectly.

 Q: What should I wear to Hawaii?

-You can wear casual dresses, Mexi dresses and evening dresses are Aloha and skirts. On Flights you can wear  Comfortable dresses and You might need to bring a jacket or a sweater just in case of weather. Boys can wear shorts, dress shorts or Aloha Attire.

Q: What hats people wear in Hawaii in 2022?

-Sunday afternoon Havana hat, Beach hat and Bucket hats are in trend in Hawaii 2022.

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