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How to flatten a hat brim

Sometime the hat brim loses its actual shape for some obvious reasons and Now I’m going to tell you how to flatten a hat brim step by step and the material you need to get it done. This post is also for those who wants to know how to fix the brim of a fitted hat, How to fix a crushed fedora hat, How to flatten the brim of a fedora hat, How to make a flat bill hat curved, Hat flattener, 

Material you need

  • A Cap or a hat with a brim
  • Towel or a normal cloth
  • Iron
  • Spray starch
  • Some books to lay under the hat

Now how flatten a hat brim step by step:

  1. Lay the towel.


  2. Put the hat on it and spray the Starke spray on the brims both side.
  3. After letting it soak the spray Then Cover the hat with the towel so that the brim doesn’t get the Iron marks.
  4. Put he cloth or the towel above the hat and also the brim
  5. Stabilize it so that that and the Towel doesn’t move
  6. Then simply Iron the brim the way you Iron a cloth.

And The brim is completely flat literally ready to wear if it’s not too hot.


This method can be used on any hat weather it is a Trucker hat, Flat brim hat which lost it’s shape or any other hat that you want to flatten a brim.

Frequently Asked question/ Questions people may ask often:

Q: How can I make my brim hat flat?
Ans: To make brim hat fat you need to heat the area with steam or you can use Iron method which we have explained above. The main thing is to heat the brim and make it bendable and then flatten the brim.
Q:How do you flatten a wide brim hat?
Ans: To flatten a wide brim hat you must need Iron and some hard material to keep the hat in it’s place and then place a cloth above the brim and then just simply Iron the brim.
Q:How do you curve a brim hat?
Ans: Before curving a hat you must heat that brim so that it becomes pliable and then just simply curve the hat.

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