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Best hats for big heads

Not everyone has a head of the same size. Sizes of heads differ genetically. That is why companies make different sizes of hats. Because not all hats fit all. In this blog, we will talk all about it and this Blog is only for those who are looking for the best hat for big Heads but also for those who are looking for the Best Trucker hats for big heads, the best beanies for big heads, best caps for big heads, best sun hat for big heads, best cowboy hat for big head, best golf hat for big heads, Stylish hats for big heads and best men and women hats for big heads, Best cowboy hat, best bucket hats, best trucker hats, best baseball hats, best winter hats for big heads, Best hats for big heads.

People with big heads have more brains than other people. So, having a big head is actually a positive side. In this blog, we have researched hats and ended up with 7 different types of hats which are best in their own field. So, read the whole blog which way will know there all is to know about hats for large heads.

Here is our 5 Best hats for big heads list:

  1. Best Baseball hat for big heads is  Flexfit Men’s hat Athletic baseball cap.

  2. Best Beanies for big heads is Neff Daily Heather Beanie Hat for Men and Women.

  3. Best Sun hat for big heads is GearTOP UPF 50+ Wide Brim Sun Hat to Protect Against UV Sun Rays for Hiking Camping Fishing Safari

  4. Best straw hat for big head is Quiksilver Men’s Pierside Lifeguard Beach Sun Straw Hat.

  5. Best golf hat for big heads is Under Armour Men’s Launch Run Visor

  6. Best Cowboy hat for big heads Steson Owkely hat.

Best Baseball hat for big heads is  Flexfit Men’s hat Athletic baseball cap.

People wear caps so that they could protect their head in harsh environment. It places on the head, around the ear and forehead. Against the cold, the wind and the rain caps give the maximum protection to the head. Caps are best for hiking, playing sports and also to keep the sun ray from the face. Caps are one of the brilliant inventions in clothing history. Caps comes on different sizes not one size fits all. So, if you have a large head, you must check the size first before buying. If you are not comfortable with the size you have a bad experience with caps. We have researched about the best baseball hat for big head and ended up with Flexfit Men’s Athletic Baseball Fitted Cap. Wearing a cap is very easy and simple.

This Best cap for large hat flixfirt men’s cap will fit only whose who have a large brain inside their head. This cap has all sizes which means it will be fit any heads and the sizes are small, medium, large (X) and extra-large (XX). Now, if your head is large then go with X size or Extra large then just order XX size. Trust us it will fit you and your head is not that big. This hat can be distressed very easily.

Now, about the product if you are like simple baseball caps then it’s a great choice. If you don’t like this one then click on the picture so that you can choose the one you like because there are way too many variants are available of this hat. If you feel like this hat is too l=tight for your head then you can easily stretch a flex fit hat.  This hat is made of Polyester, Cotton and Spandex. It is stretch fitted closure. This hat one of the most sold hats in Amazon where more that 26.5 thousand people bought this hat. Consumers reported so many good things about this hat which made this hat Top on our Best cap for big head list. Don’t worry about the sticker it comes right off. It’s just a sticker.

Best baseball hat for big heads

Best baseball cap for big heads
  • Stretch closure.
  • Various Color available.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Great quality and texture.
  • All size available.
  • No cons.

Best Beanies for big heads is Knit Cuffed Beanie

Beanies are been worn to protect oneself from cold weather. It keeps the head warm with the ears. In the first era of beanies, Beanies were known as “Watch Cap”-named because of Navy sailors wore them to keep warm while keeping watch. Beanies have become so famous and well known that These days you can’t think of winter without a beanie hat. The result of our research in best beanies for big heads we have selected Knit cuffed Beanie hat.

Most of the beanies fit large heads. But there are some which doesn’t fit. Also, not beanie hats are recommendable so had to do quite research on best beanies for large heads. The reason why we have selected this Specific knit cuffed beanie is because of it it’s sold ranking.

This beanie hat is been sold more than 121 thousand of pieces. After checking the so many reviews of this beanie hat we ended up with this one. So many consumers said positive things about this beanie that we had to select this hat as a best beanie for big head. You can gift this hat to your close friends as a winter gift by warping it up.

Best beanies for big heads
Best beanies for large heads
  • Super Soft and cozy.
  • Various colors are available.
  • 100%Acrylic.
  • Hand wash only.

Best Sun hat for big heads is GearTOP UPF 50+ Wide Brim Sun Hat to Protect Against UV Sun Rays for Hiking Camping Fishing Safari

Not all sun hat fits every head. To wear a hat comfortably hat sizes matters the most. If a hat is too tight and small then the head the wearer will feel uncomfortable. But this particular hat is been chosen for those who have a big head. This hat is also for those who are looking for best hat for big heads or best hat for large heads. This Gear top hat has more than 17.5 thousand sales on Amazon. IT also has 4.5 star rating out of 5 by the consumers. This hat comes in all sizes from child to adult male or female. If you have a large head then you can order this hat and use the Drawstring to adjust the size of your head.

This Geartop hat is very light in weight. The brim will protect the you face, neck and ears from the sun. The Brim with UPF50+ will protect your skin from the sun the best way possible. This hat is securable with chinstrap which ensures sun protection. So, many people wrote good review about this hat that could help but to add it on our Top sun hat for big heads list. Hats sometimes get wrinkly but getting those out is also quite easy if you know how to get wrinkles of out a hat.

Best sun hat for big heads
Best Sun protection hat for boating Women
  • Wide brim.
  • Chinstrap.
  • Provides sun protection on face, neck and ears.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable.
  • Many sizes and variants available.
  • No cons found.

Best straw hat for big heads Quiksilver Men’s Pierside Lifeguard Beach Sun Straw Hat

Straw hats are usually big type of hats. On of the best straw hat and the feature which make people want this hat is Organic Ness. This hat is made of straws which comes from trees. So, we can say that straw hats are the ancient hats in the hat history. People love to wear this hat when they visit the beach and other vacation spots. Straw hats protects the head from sun. There are lot of straw hats are in the market but not all of them are not qualified to wear. That is the reason why we had to do a lot research.  Quiksilver Men’s Pierside Lifeguard Beach Sun Straw Hat is the best straw hat for big heads in our opinion. There are some reasons why we have chosen this particular hat and the most important on is consumer’s review. This quicksilver hat is been sold more than 12 thousand pieces. It also has the best seller tittle on Amazon.

Materials that are been used to make is hat is raffia straw only which make this hat 100% environment friendly. This hat is wash able with hands only because straw is quite sensitive. It has a wide brim that provides full protection from sun ray. So, if you are taking a vacation in a beach and have a large head then this hat is recommended just to you. Straw hats sometimes looses their shape but reshaping it also very simple. 

Best straw hat for big heads

  • 100% Organic.
  • Adjustable closure.
  • Wide brim.
  • Various sizes available.
  • Not everyone feels comfortable with straws.
  • hand wash only.

Best Golf hat for big heads is Under Armour Men’s Launch Run Visor


Finding the best golf hat for big heads is not as easy as it sounds. So, we had to do a lot of research which one to select and which one not to. The result of our research is Under Armour Men’s Launch Run Visor hat which is a very flexible hat. You might have seen many golfers, tennis player playing their game while wearing this particular hat. There are some number of reasons why sportsman love this hat and why this hat is best for playing golf and other sports. You can easily notice that this hat doesn’t have a top which make this hat unique. Player often sweats a lot in the head that’s why they chose this hat so that the sweat doesn’t stay cupped up inside the hat.
This Under Armour Men’s Launch Run Visor hat is made of Other Fibers. It keeps sun, sweat and hair out of the eyes. The brim provides maximum protection from sun. The Brim construction provides comfort and breathability to the skin. It will fit any head easily no matter how large or small your head is. This hat is best for gym, sports and for outdoor activities. This hat is stylish and provides sun protection. Consumers reviewed with many positive comments.

Best golf hat for big heads

Best golf hat for big heads
  • Doesn’t have top.
  • Machine wash.
  • Stylish and Comfortable.
  • Best for playing sports.
  • We don’t know what this hat is made of they just wrote with other fibers.

Best Cowboy hat for big heads Steson Owkely hat

Most of the cowboy hats can fit any head of any size. Big size of Cowboy hat makes the head look smaller. Cowboy hats are bit pricey than other hats because of the vintage look it has. Most Cow boy hats are made of leather which can be stretched if you follow along this blog.

We have selected Steson Owkeyly cowboy hat as Best cowboy hat for big heads because of the positive reviews that consumers gave about this hat. Steson Owekeyly hat is great because of the texture and fabric and everything. Brown Adult cowboy hat, Justin Men’s Cowboy hat, Kangaroo Cowboy hat for big heads and Cowboy girl straw hat for girls who have big heads are been selected by the rating and reviews that the consumers gave.

Top Choice Value choice Runner Up Standard choice Bonus choice
Stetson OWKELY Men's Kelly Hat
Brown Adult Cowboy hat
Justin Men's 3X Rodeo Hat
Kangaroo Cowboy Hat
Queue Essentials Western Style Pinch Front Straw Canvas Cowboy Cowgirl Straw Hat

Why have selected these particular hats?

On our research best hat for big heads, we had so many hats in option but We have selected these particular ones because we have checked the reviews of the consumers we had to know if the company is providing the best of the best.

What things to consider before buying a hat for big head?

Size is the key here. Not all hats have a big size which fits big heads. So, first you have to check if there is large X or extra-large XX is available. If the hat size fits your head size, then you can order the hat.

What if the hat I choose don’t have the extra-large size?

If you happen to like a particular hat but it doesn’t have the extra-large size then you have to search a little more but now you have to change the brands. Because There are many companies in the market who make the same hat. There you might be able to find your size.

Why these hats are best hat for big heads?

These hats are best for their features and reviews that consumers gave. These hats have one of the highest ratings on Amazon and not only that Some of them have best seller tittle. We have considered if these hats are good in value for money if they done well on this value for money teste only then we select a hat. If any hat is too tight for you then you can stretch it very easily by checking following through this blog.


Our last words would be It’s fine having a large head. There are so many brands out there who makes extra large hats for their consumers. We think we have covered all the specs of Best hats for big heads. Before buying a hat you must keep in mind the reason why you are buying this hat

if you are looking for a sun hat for your large head then Gear top wide brim is the one, if a cap then Flexfit Men’s Athletic Baseball Fitted Cap is the one or if for a beanie then knit cuffed beanie is the one. But you are looking for hat for playing golf or tennis and you don’t know much then go with Under Armour Men’s Launch Run Visor with eyes closed.

FAQs or you can say people asks these questions frequently.

Qus: What hat looks good on a big head?
Ans: Not all hats look good in big head. So, we would recommend to go with those hats which matches the wideness of you face and the size is extra large or large ( which ever fits).

Qus: How do you wear a hat on a boat?
Ans: There is a  technique to Wear a hat in a boat because in a boat journey there are lot of things the a hat wearer must consider and their are Rough wind, Sunny day and rain. So, A person should wear a hat slightly lean in the forehead and the chin cord will be tightly attached to head so that even in a windy situation the hat won’t fall off. Baseball cap, Fedora, sun hats, straw hats are great choices that you can make.

Qus: How do I stop my hat from blowing out my head?

Ans: By using a chin strap you can simply attach your hat with you head. Chin straps are used for these exact problem.

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