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How to Distress a Hat

Distressed hat has become very fashionable lately and many Multinational companies earn millions of dollars from them. Just by distressing a hat? Yes, Just by distressing a hat, and in this blog, I will tell all about it.

Distressing a hat is a piece of cake If only know the proper way to do it. After reading this blog you will know the way to do it and end up distressing some of your hats.  You can always flatten a hat brim with this blog.

There are just a few ways to distress a hat and I will tell you about it step by step.

Things that you need to distress a hat 1st a hat and 2nd second a sharp rock of scissors.

1st step, take the hat and mark the areas where you want to distress them.

2nd step, then use the sharp rock or the scissor’s sharp area to distress them I mean Rub them roughly so that the cap looks old and shattered in some areas which you have previously marked. (If you are less than 13 years old please ask some adults).

How does it works:

the sharp edges of the rock or the sensor reap the fabric of the hat and because of that reaped area, the look of the hat completely changes giving it a vibe of the old school.

You can even make money by distressing hats. Buy hats from the shop and distress them carefully. Make them unique and attractive then do some advertisement and people will start falling in line to buy them if you really want to turn it into a business then you can use this rock to distress hats. If you are thinking of wearing it with curly hair then check this blog wearing a hat with curly hair.


Before Distressing a hat Do proper planning. First, make sure you have the materials then watch the video below please be careful with those shape tools and their edges. We don’t want you to get hurt. Mark the areas with washable colors or mark those areas in your mind so that you don’t end up wasting a hat. 

if you are Below 13 please ask for help from adults and tell them all about it and they will help you distress the hat. If you are thinking tightening a hat then this blog might help you out.

Thanks for reading and enjoy. If you like this blog you are always invited to read our other blogs you would love them I hope.

I have found a video how to distress a hat and I hope it would help you out

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