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How to shape a straw cowboy hat

Straw hat is most sensitive hat than any other hat so it is really tough to shape a straw cowboy hat. Well! It’s not the hard you just need know the proper techniques to shape a straw cowboy hat.

This Blog is also for those who are looking for How to shape a straw hat at home, Can you reshape a straw hat, How to shape a hat brim / How to flatten a hat brim , How to shape cowboy hat at home.

And after reading this blog you will be able to shape a cowboy hat with no sweat at all and also you will have all the answers that you were looking for.

I will take you through with few step that will help you to shape or reshape your straw cowboy hat.How to shape a straw cowboy hat

Things that you need to shape your straw cowboy hat:

  1. A kettle or a pot
  2. Some water
  3. And a stove

Steps to shape your straw cowboy hat:

  • Fill the kettle or the pot with water
  • Wait for some minutes so that the water starts to release steam
  • Now take the hat and set you mind in which places you want shape.
  • Take those places near the steam and the straws will be bendable.
  • Now you will be able to band the straw hat which ever way you may prefer.
There is a Video How to shape a straw cowboy hat that you might find helpful

Frequently asked questions about how to shape a straw cowboy hat:

Q: How do you reshape a straw hat?

Ans: Heat is been used to reshape a hat. Heat makes the shape loose of any material and then it becomes bendable which mean it can be reshaped which ever way the owner prefers. So we can say that steam can be used to loosen the fabric of the hat and That is how you reshape a hat.

Q: How is a straw cowboy hat supposed to fit?

Ans: A straw cowboy hat’s fitness depends on the size of the hat and the size of the head which can be said this way Straw cowboy hat fits when the size of the hat and size of the head matches.

Q:How do you shape a cowboy hat at home?

Ans: In few words, Use stiffener first and then Steam the hat up with Iron or the boiling water of kettle and shape the cowboy hat however you want.


Shaping a straw cowboy hat was always a pain in the neck It is not as easy as it sounds. But We hope in this blog we have covered everything there is to know about it. If there is still some question left please do leave a comment so that we can help you with it.

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