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How to Hang Hats on Wall: Creative and Practical Hat Display Ideas

How to Hang Hats on Wall

Hang Your Hats with Style: 10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Wall


Hats not only add style to your outfits but can also serve as interesting decor elements for your living space. If you’re wondering how to hang hats on the wall in an attractive and organized manner, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore various creative and practical methods to display your hat collection while adding a unique touch to your home decor.

How to Hang Hats on Wall: Quick Tips

When it comes to hanging hats on the wall, there are several options to choose from. Here are some quick tips to consider:

  • Use Wall Hooks: Wall hooks are a classic and easy way to display your hats. You can find hooks in various styles, from minimalistic to ornate.

  • Create a DIY Hat Rack: Get creative by making your own hat rack using materials like wood, pipes, or repurposed items.

  • Arrange Hats Artistically: Play with different arrangements to create an eye-catching display. Consider grouping hats by color, style, or size.

  • Add Decorative Elements: Incorporate decorative elements such as artwork, mirrors, or string lights to enhance your hat display.

Now, let’s delve into the details with a variety of engaging methods to hang hats on the wall:

Hat Hooks for a Classic Look

Wall hooks are a timeless choice for hanging hats. They come in various styles and materials, allowing you to match them with your interior decor. Whether you prefer vintage-inspired hooks or sleek modern ones, hooks provide an organized and accessible way to display your hats. Consider placing hooks in your entryway, bedroom, or dressing area.

DIY Hat Rack: Adding a Personal Touch

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, creating your own hat rack can be a rewarding endeavor. For a rustic look, repurpose an old wooden ladder by attaching it horizontally to the wall. Hang your hats on the ladder’s rungs for a unique and charming display. Alternatively, use pipes and fittings to construct an industrial-style hat rack that doubles as an artistic statement.

Artistic Arrangements: Showcasing Your Collection

Arranging your hats in an artistic manner can transform them into captivating wall decor. Play around with different layouts: arrange hats in a circular pattern for a dynamic look, or create a symmetrical arrangement for a balanced aesthetic. Experiment with hat angles to add depth and visual interest to your display.

Hat and Mirror Combo: Reflecting Style

Elevate your hat display by pairing it with a decorative mirror. Choose a mirror with an ornate frame or a unique shape that complements the hats. Hang the hats on hooks beneath the mirror to create a cohesive and stylish focal point. The mirror not only adds visual appeal but also reflects light, making your space feel larger and more inviting.

Floating Shelves with Hat Displays

Floating shelves are versatile additions to any room. Install a set of floating shelves on your wall and use them to showcase your hat collection along with other decorative items. Mix and match hats with plants, books, or small sculptures to create an intriguing composition. This approach allows you to blend function and decor seamlessly.

Hat String Art: A Whimsical Display

Add a touch of whimsy to your hat display by using strings or cords to hang them. Attach the strings horizontally or diagonally across the wall and secure your hats by sliding the brim under the string. This method not only keeps your hats organized but also adds a playful and artistic element to your decor.

Industrial Pipe Hat Hanger

Embrace an industrial-chic aesthetic by using pipes as hat hangers. Install pipes of varying lengths on your wall and attach caps or hooks to the ends. Hang your hats from these hooks for an unconventional and visually intriguing display. This approach works well in spaces with an edgy and modern design.

Vintage Frame Hat Display

Repurpose old picture frames to create a vintage-inspired hat display. Remove the glass and backing from the frames and attach them to the wall. Hang your hats within the frames using decorative ribbons or strings. This method not only showcases your hats but also adds a nostalgic and charming vibe to your decor.

Hat Grid: Organized and Stylish

Create a sleek and organized hat display by using a grid of hooks or pegs. Install the hooks in a grid pattern on your wall and hang your hats symmetrically. This approach works particularly well if you have a large collection of hats and want to maintain a clean and streamlined look.

The Hat Tree: Nature-Inspired Decor

Bring a touch of nature indoors by using tree branches as hat hangers. Find sturdy branches, clean them, and mount them horizontally on your wall. Hang your hats on the branches for a unique and nature-inspired display. This method adds texture and visual interest to your decor while celebrating the beauty of the outdoors.


Q: Can I use adhesive hooks to hang hats on the wall? Adhesive hooks can be used to hang lightweight hats. However, for heavier hats or larger collections, it’s recommended to use more secure mounting methods such as wall hooks or racks.

Q: How do I prevent hats from losing their shape when hung on the wall? To prevent hats from losing their shape, consider using hat hooks with wide, rounded edges. You can also stuff the hats with tissue paper or use specialized hat inserts before hanging them.

Q: Can I mix different hat styles in one display? Absolutely! Mixing various hat styles adds visual interest to your display. Just ensure that the arrangement looks intentional and balanced.

Q: What’s the best way to clean hats displayed on the wall? Dust your displayed hats regularly using a soft brush or a lint roller. For more delicate materials, consider using a fabric-safe spray cleaner.

Q: Can I hang hats on a slanted wall? Yes, you can hang hats on a slanted wall using hooks or racks designed for angled surfaces. Make sure the hats are secure and not at risk of sliding off.

Q: Are there any tips for creating a cohesive hat display? Choose a theme or color palette for your hat display to create a cohesive look. This could involve grouping hats by color, style, or even season.


Hanging hats on the wall is not only a practical storage solution but also an opportunity to express your style and creativity. Whether you opt for classic hooks, DIY racks, or artistic arrangements, there’s a method that suits your taste and space. By incorporating these ideas, you’ll transform your hat collection into a stunning wall display that adds character to your home. So, embrace your inner decorator and start hanging your hats with flair!

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