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Best hat for fat guy

When someone says that “you are fat” then reply them with a smile that “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy”. As it goes, choosing a hat for a fluffy face is not as easy as people think it is. So, in this blog we will talk about all the features and things that a fat guy needs to consider before buying a hat. After reading this blog you will know which are the best hats for fat guys and also the worst choices that a fat guy or a fluffy guy can possibly make while choosing a hat. This blog is the result of the research on best hat for fat guy.

Trucker hat

Trucker hat is the best hat for fat guys. Because it adds extra length to the face and by adding extra length to the face it makes the face look taller. The side panels of trucker hat are tall and wide so no matter how big and chubby, fluffy or fat your face is, a trucker hat will always suit you. Hats sometimes gets wrinkled so to remove wrinkles from hat you can check this blog.

These days trucker hats are on trend. Trucker hats are also one of the stylish and cool type of hat which is you might have seen Rappers, Sportsman and other cool professional people wearing this hat. Trucker hats are well accepted to society so nobody will look at you in a weird way.

If we talk about this hats material and rating then we would say this hat is one of the well sold hats in Amazon. It’s been sold over 18 hundred and has 4.6 stars on average. 79% of those consumers rated it with 5 stars. The consumers it with so many positive comments that it’s worth checking out. it’s a no sweat hat.

Best hat for a fat guy
Best hat for chubby guy
  • Adjustable.
  • Snap closure.
  • No sweat hat.
  • Many colors available.
  • Might get dirty easily.

Booney Bucket Sun Hat best hat for round faces male.

Booney hats have a wide brim which reduces the chubbiness from the face of the wearer. When you reduce the chubby and fluffiness from the face it suddenly looks attractive as well as tall. These types of hats are well known for sun protection. So, you can wear this hat whenever you go out in the sun without hesitation. This Volcom hat is particular one which will make you look stand out in a good way that you will appreciate.

Let’s talk about its material which are been used to make this hat. This hat is made of fully Nylon. It also has the omni-shade feature which Blocks the UVA and UVB rays. By blocking those rays this hat prevents Sunburn and long-term skin damage. Another feature we would like share of this hat is Omni-Wick which is an ultimate moisture management technology for outdoor activity. This feature quickly moves moisture from the skin into the fabric then it spreads across the surface where it evaporates.

This product doesn’t have many consumers but those who bought this hat reviewed it with 5 stars and we are talking about 15 of those consumers. This hat is actually worth by its value. Its colorful and feels like an art when you look at it.

Best sun hat for fat guy

  • Drawstring closure.
  • Hight technology used make this hat.
  • Has fascinating important features.
  • Wide brim.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Not formal.[/i2cons]

Cow boy hat best for Chubby guy.

Cow boy hats are one the most well-known hats in the world. Cowboy hats have become like a Texan thing. But people through all over the world also like this hat. It’s like a dream to all guys to wear a cow boy hat ride on a horse in a sunset scenery. Cow boy hats are good choice for fat guys because it has a very wide brim and very tall side panels which reduces the chubbiness from the face. Cow boy hats always suited to chubby guys.

You might have seen how great cowboy hats look on actors in TV, trust us it will also look good on you too. Another fact about cowboy hat is it can be worn by anybody “Body shape or Faces shape doesn’t matter at all”. There is a chance to put a patch on this hat which you can easily learn and do if you have to materials.

Best Cow boy hat for fat guy

  • Adjustable.
  • Fashionable.
  • Elastic closure.
  • Unisex.
  • Not Formal.

Beanie hat best winter hat for fat guys

Whenever we think of winter Accessory Beanie hats comes in mind in the picture. Beanie hats give a full protection from the cold in winter season. Not all beanie hat is suitable for fat guys but this particular beanie hat is actually best for a fat guy and there are some features which made it in our list of best hats for fat guy. The one feature which made this on our list is its length. This beanie hat is actually lengthy and because it adds extra length in the face that is how it turn a chubby face into an attractive face.

Even though beanies are winter hats rappers and sportsman wear this hat on any events for fashion purpose only. Now, it can be said that Beanie hats are socially so acceptable if you wear a beanie hat in summer nobody will give a weird look. This beanie hat is lined with acrylic and has an elastic closure. One of the most useful features of beanie hat is, it’s adjustable to any head of any size unless it’s for kid or adult.

  • Protects head from cold.
  • Elastic closure.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Various color available.
  • Unisex.
  • This clothing is a little thin.

Fedora hat hats shape for face shape male

Fedora hats are one of the popular hat types in hat industry. There are some great reasons for that. Fedora hats are very classic and Formal from very beginning of hat era. This is a historical figure. You might have seen many statues of historical figures wearing a fedora hat because it was well known from 1882 when it was been invented. Fedora hats were formally used in 19’s century but in these days, it’s been worn by not only fashion purposes but also to protect oneself from the sun. Sun protection is one of its features but it’s not been made for that purpose.

If you are a fat guy and looking for a hat to visit a party or some special event then this hat is the perfect choice. Its well accepted in the society. Hats loves go crazy when they see this hat. So, if you visit a party there is a high chance that some people will come up to you and ask about you taste in hats. If you want to give someone a present than you can always wrap a hat.

This Fedora hat has a drawstring closure. It also has a soft lining which makes it comfortable to wear. Fedora hats can go with a face of any shape Round or Fat face, V shape face, Heart shape and even with Square shaped face. It’s a highly recommended hat from side.

  • Stylish.
  • Fashionable.
  • Various color available.
  • Will arrive with a 360-degree protective packaging.
  • Well rated on Amazon.
  • One size doesn’t fit all. (So, choose size carefully)

Wide Brim boonie hat for fat guys

We already talked about which features of a hat are best for fat guys. Wide brim was one of them. This Boonie hat is a sun hat so if you are looking for a hat which is best for hiking or for doing outdoor chores then this hat is the one that you were looking for. Boonie hats are very light weighted and comfortable to wear, they also give the perfect protection from sun. 360-degree wide brim will not only protect your face from the but also your neck.
This Camoland breathable wide brim boonie hat has button closure it also has wide mash panel that allows air vent which will keep you cool outside in hot summer days. If we compare it to solid fishing hats then camouflage pattern will look more attractive to both men and women.

If you are looking for a fishing hat then this hat would be just perfect. It has 4.4 rating out of 5 and more than 6 thousand consumers rated it. 70 percent of those consumers rated it with 5 stars so it is actually very well reviewed hat overall.

  • Stylish and Comfortable.
  • Breathable.
  • Flexible.
  • 360-degree sweat band.
  • Check the size carefully before ordering.

Colombia Bora Printed hat beach hat for fat guy

Printed sun hats always stand out then other hats and there are reasons for that. Their colorful, eye catchy and stylish which are reasons   why they stand out then other hats. Beach hats should be made of nylon or polyester, they must have a wide brim for sun protection and stylish. You can exactly see these features on this Colombia Bora Bora printed hat. So, this is the best hat for beach. Now, let’s talk about it’s best for a fat guy. Fat guys tend to have chubby face and if you want to make a chubby face look attractive then you must use those hats which have wide brim and tall side panel.

This hat is made of 100% nylon. It also has a drawstring closure which is adjustable and will make you feel comfortable. Like Volcom booney bucket hat it also has the Omni-Wick moisture management technology. Even in a hottest summer day it will give you the full protection from sun ray. This hat also has mash breeze-inducing vent with flex zones which will keep you cool and protected. They are equipped with an adjustable drawcord and toggle at the back for fitting. This hat can also be use for boating. 

  • Has Drawstring closure for Size adjustment.
  • Omni-Shade and Omni-wick Technology.
  • Colorful and great for beach.
  • Stylish and fashionable.
  • Not Formal.

Features That you must look for if you are fat and looking for a suitable hat.

  1. Tall side panels: The reason why use must look for tall side panels is because its extra length to the face. By adding extra length, it makes your face look big rather than fat.
  2. Wide Brim: Wide brim hides the chubbiness from the cheek. Fat guys tend to have a round face and brim reduces the roundness which makes the face look attractive.
  3. Big hat: If a fat guy wears a tight hat it will reduce the fluffiness from hair by doing so the face will look bigger and fattier. So, our recommendation to a fat guy who is looking for a hat would be to go with a big hat which matches the wideness of his face.

Why we have selected these particular hats?

After days of research, we have ended of with the hats that were suggested above. We have talked about the features a fat guys should look for if he is searching for a best for himself. We have spotted all the features on those hats’ better way than any other hats. We had to look through hundreds of hats to find the Best one for perfect occasion. Only The features of those hats that made use choose those hats that we have thought Best for a fat guy.


The type you choose totally depends on the reason why you are buying it for. Hats are great for Sun protection, for fashion and of course to keep your head warm in winter. Hats can sometimes change your look totally which all this blog is about. Fat guys not always feel comfortable around handsome men. They don’t get much attention like the other. People sometimes bullies them for their fluffiness. To find a hat is totally up to you or if you couldn’t be able to choose one yet then ask your self what is the reason you want to buy a hat if it’s for winter then go with beanie and if it’s for summer then there is Booney. If you think we have missed something then do let us know buy commenting so that we can help others more buy improving our blog. Thanks for your time. If you still want to see more best hat for big heads you are more than welcome to check the blog.

FAQs or you can say people asks these questions frequently.

Qus: What type of hat should a big man wear?

Ans: A big man or a fat guy should should wear those hats which have tall or long side panels such as Fedora, Beanie and sun hats. These hats will add length to the head and reduce the roundness from the face.

Qus: How do you wear a hat with a fat face?

Ans: To wear a hat with a fat face you must consider the features of the hat such as Wide brim, Big size and Tall side panel. What these features do? they reduces the fatness from the by adding length to the head.

Qus: Which cap is best for big head?

Ans: Caps which are tight are not suitable for fat guys. So, big caps like trucker hats are Best for fat guys.

Qus: What hat suits a round face?

Ans: Fedora, Beanie and sun hats are suited for round face and there is a blog of ours about this for females and this one is all about it but for males.

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